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First November Snow 2013

Photos by Lougheed Inc.


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Claude and Marie Clement honoured by the MPNA


The McBurney Park Neighbourhood Association has dedicated a Hackberry tree in McBurney Park to Claude & Marie Clement.  City forester Eugene Conners arranged the installation of the plaque on the mild, foggy afternoon of November 22 when the frost was not yet in the ground.

Marie Clement passed away in 2010.  Claude, a longtime neighbourhood resident, was elected City Councillor for our neighbourhood for many years. He was a key leader is securing Neighbourhood Improvement Project funds for local initiatives, and a member of the group that persuaded the city to build a swimming pool at Artillery Park. Local schools, green spaces, and neighbourhood safety have always been important for Claude, an unassuming person whose community spirit is reflected in the McBurney Park area. An inspirational elder, indeed.

text and photo by Jamie Swift.

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A crisp November day made even brighter by Aleks and Tracey

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