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Skeleton Park Spring clean-up

Simon inspecting his good work.

Simon inspecting his good work.

The annual McBurney Park Clean-up extravaganza is on Saturday April 25th starting at 9AM. Like last year, we are blitzing the park, raking up leaves, picking up garbage & branches, and fixing up the perennial beds in both the centre and south side of the park. We recommend wearing gloves for handling leaves and garbage.

Also at the same time, we are looking for eager volunteers again this year with shovels and wheelbarrows to spread new wood chips around our smaller park trees. Simon Smith, who coordinates the work on trees, writes: “The previous two years have been invaluable to the success of the trees by stopping fresh damage to the bark from lawn mowing. I’m also seeing rapid growth in many of the new park trees…another success attributable to our TLC.” The City of Kingston is providing support to the MPNA again this year with garbage bags for leaves and garbage, and wood chips for the trees.

We’ll get started at 9AM – please join us anytime that morning. We are aware that there is a neighbourhood park clean-up going on in Doug Fluhrer park at the same time, but we’re hoping there are enough community volunteers to go around.

Remember gloves! And bring any of the following if you have them: rakes, shovels (for wood chips), wheelbarrows.


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