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Rationale for creation of this page: From the original proposal from Anne & Steve Lougheed: We wish to have a “… local on-line “yellow pages” listing for neighbourhood artists and tradespeople. In other words, local electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc. could provide us with contact information (including URL for a web page and other such electronic media), which I would then post on the blog. Similarly, potters, painters, photographers, musicians, writers and their creative kin, should they desire, could send us their contact information for listing. This would not be a place for large business to advertise nor most emphatically would this be a venue for unloading your scale balsa wood model of a 1964 Mazda Spider Wankel rotary engine or other such treasures.”

We have had a number of suggestions and concerns expressed which I collate, paraphrase and answer here. 1. How local is local and can we recommend people outside of the confines of Skeleton Park with whom we have had positive experiences? 2. What do you mean by large business and might that preclude locally owned businesses with store fronts downtown (say)? 3. Can we come up with a mechanism (perhaps committee) to try to achieve some consensus as to answers to Q’s 1. and 2?

My answers … 1. Within reason I see no impediment to list people or businesses outside of Skeleton Park with the caveat that anyone maintaining this blog is likely to have limited time and resources and thus we must reserve the right to limit how many non-Skeleton Park people we list. 2. We had no strict definition in mind and in principle a family-owned store or firm could advertise their presence and services using this forum; however, I do not wish re-create “The Yellow Pages”. As I understand it that is what the Yellow Pages are for! 3. We wish to have this be as egalitarian as possible but my experience of blogs and web sites designed and maintained by committee is not particularly salubrious. I would prefer to work away at this (and perhaps solicit help from a select few) and see where it takes us. If it becomes overwhelming, non-representative, unfair (etc.) then perhaps we can revisit the model of governance.

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