Climate Activists Confront Fossil Fuel Friendly Banker

Skeleton Park neighbourhood resident Jamie Swift  placed a bit of informative information – a message from Fridays for Future – onto a shiny new Mercedes 700-series ultra-luxury ride. It was  parked in front of the main Royal Bank branch on downtown Princess Street. The car was sitting in a pay and display zone. It sported no evidence of its owner having paid, displaying scofflaw hubris. 
The overpaid RBC big boss, CEO and President David McKay, was in town to speak at Queen’s. The University’s Finance Association announced breathlessly that it was “incredibly excited” to welcome Mr. McKay to Queen’s.
The pamphlet informed Mr. McKay (and his chauffeur) that, under his tutelage, the Royal Bank is the fifth largest funder of fossil fuels in the world, having provided $208 billion to fossil fuel companies since 2016. Just in case he was unaware. 
Someone called the cops, apparently anxious about the intentions of the scary group of Fridays for Future protestors, most of whom were seniors. When one concerned citizen asked an equipment laden  officer why the car had not been ticketed for flagrant violation of the law, she replied that ticketing is not her job; it’s up to by-law enforcement. Asked if she had or would be calling said enforcers, she offered no reply.
When Mr. McKay arrived, a bank employee greeted him with a lush floral bouquet. 
The bank boss suffered a pandemic-induced pay cut in 2020. His compensation (as they say) plummetted 1.5 per cent to just under $13.5 million.

Swift recently joined Seniors for Climate Action Now. The November 5 visit of the boss of Canada’s most profitable company coincided with the crucial COP-26 climate breakdown conference in Glasgow. 
(photo courtesy of Paul Gervan)

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